Do It Yourself Wall Clock Kit

Do It Yourself Wall Clock Kit

Do It yourself Wall Clock kit is for kids age 5+ years old. This kit helps kids to make a Wooden clock from a scratch and also has a support material to explain how a clock a works, and what are the parts of a clock mechanism.

This kit will encourage child towards make and learn approach. The kit is available in Red, Yellow and Wooden (No colour) options.

This educational kit is ideal for gifts, return gifts, playdates etc. You can order this kit online below or call us on +91-9725053344 for customization.

Price: INR 320 (Free delivery in India) 

This DIY kit consists of following:
1. Wooden Wall structure with premarked numbers arrangement.
2. Wooden embossed number with stickers.
3. Clock Machine
4. Clock hands
5. Decor stickers
6. DIY Wall Clock Manual – Kids friendly
7. AA battery
8. Science of Clock pictorial manual – Pictorial

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