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The way children learn is different from adults. They don’t reach for the manual before operating TV. They learn by doing, by interacting with the world around them. REL interactive models are designed around how children learn.

REL has designed its own ‘Hands-on-Learning’ methodology most suited to the Indian Schools. We do an extensive research to design the experiments that are easy to understand for children and synchronized with their academic syllabus.

It has 6 steps: 1. Discover  2. Build  3. Understand  4. Explore  5. Connect  6.  Revise.

We provide a complete DIY kit to every participant and ensure that each child performs the experiment using his own creative mind under the supervision of our trained tutors.

We also provide children an easy to follow instruction manual along with materials. This helps them to perform activities even at home.

We have an assessment sheet based on the idea of: What,Why, How and Where. The children sketch or write all the details about activities in this assessment sheet which helps them to connect with real life applications of Science principles.

One can be a part of our workshops through their School or directly at our own Innovation Centers.






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