Hands on Science with Intel Education

Hands on Science with Intel Education

In this project we have reached to 1000 children from various Government schools & Non-Profit Organizations. This project aimed at developing practical science in middle school children was sponsored by Intel as part of their ‘Innovate for India’ program. As a part of this program, Respire Experiential Learning completed Hands on Science workshops with 1000 students in age range of mainly 8-16 yrs. The workshops consisted of multiple Hands-On activities that helped to  introduce children to the basics of Science and Technology. The objective was to engage students in hands-on STEM and design activities that enhance knowledge and problem solving skills.

The overall purpose of these Science workshops is to get young children to develop an interest in design and discovery elements and develop their computational skills through play and learn activities; thus spurring creativity, spirit of innovation & a scientific temperament.

In this program we collaborated with N.G.Os like Yuva Unstoppable, Teach for India, Laddoo foundation and also many Government schools. We have made 1000 kits of Crazy Science Lab for the children. We had let them to do 5 experiments of Science concept which include Dam alert system, Fire Extinguisher, Respiration in Yeast, Hydraulic understanding lifting heavy objects with simple machines and  Greeting card using acid-base reaction. Along with the materials in the kit a booklet was also given so that children can always review these experiments.

Here are some moments of Intel Education Project.


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