Hands on Marine Science

Hands on Marine Science

Theme based workshop which include Hands on Marine Science conducted at Edify kids Bodakdev, Ahmedabad has helped the children to understand Science behind Marine theme in depth. 2 days fun filled workshop of Marine Science was the perfect way to end children’s summer vacation. 1st day was dedicated to the creatures of ocean and sea and 2nd day was for science behind oceans and the seas.

Children have learnt and experienced various activities of Marine Science like Shark’s teeth, in that they had made their own Shark’s teeth, then how fish breathe? by making their own ‘fish breathe through Gills model’, also they had learnt and made ‘Star fish can grow their arms again’ through working model. 2nd day was full of oceans and seas. Children had done science behind ocean currents, they learnt about Dead Sea, also about Ice-berg. 2 days workshop was full of fishes and seas. And children came to know about various facts about Marine Science.

Here are some moments captured during Marine Science Workshop.


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