DIY Glowing Fireflies

DIY Glowing Fireflies


Glowing fireflies kit by Crazy Science Lab is hands on kit for kids age 8+.

Kids can make beautiful battery operated electric glowing fireflies. The kit encourages child to learn about electric circuit and parallel connection. This also gives an first hand experience to introduce electrical components and circuits to kids. Kids have to make this LED mount frame from scratch. This kit is combination of art and science.

This Do-It-Yourself kit contains the following:

  • Frame with design and stand
  • Electrical component: Battery + Cap, LEDs, Wire connectors, Switch
  • Kid friendly manual with photographs

This educational kit is ideal for learning circuits, gifts, return gifts, playdates etc. You can order this kit online below or call us on +91-9725053344.
Price: INR 250 ( Free Delivery in India)

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