Break It Down

Break It Down

Respire Experiential Learning organized a two day BuildTech workshop for children 5-15 years old at Edify Kids, Ahmedabad. The vision behind “Break It Down” workshop was to introduce Disruptive learning to children.  Children always have curiosity to know the working of appliances around them.  This inspired us to follow the idea of  “Break – Learn – Make”. 

Here is the peek a boo of our activities and it’s takeaways during workshop

1.  Tell us about Television!


We opened up a TV. Students learned its working and mechanism. They were excited to see the small parts used in television and also the way sound travels and reach to them.

2. Break and Make a Clock

IMG-20150926-WA0025 IMG-20150925-WA0030


Its amazing to break the clock machine and see how hands of clock work so efficiently using simple machines. Students also made there own clocks and beautifully decorated them.

3. Fan – O – Fan

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We broke a table and ceiling fan. Students learned their mechanisms and differences in working.  Every students also made their own small decorated hand fan.

4. Electric Racket


How does electric rackets kills a mosquito and not harm users. Students were all excited to break and learn the working of electric rackets.

5. Polaroid Camera


Well, Polaroid camera are no more in fashion. But the system of  camera films, lens, and negative were fascinating for students. Breaking it and exploring it was extreme fun!!

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